Contribute to ESCAPE

Thanks you for being interested in contributing to ESCAPE!


Discussions around ESCAPE development happens on Gitlab’s issues in our notebooks repository If you have question about your usage case or you have an idea for a new module, please do not hesitate to create an issue.

Sharing your notebooks

If you’re using ESCAPE for your own scientific project, don’t hesitate sharing a notebook with us. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a high-class research topic or results. Others can use your notebook as a basis for something greater or use it as it is for there own work. Don’t hesitate to refer to your published articles, if other users can find more details there. Adding a new notebook can be done using merge request to notebooks repository. If you are not familiar with Git or Gitlab, you can attach your notebook to a new issue. Examples of notebooks are published under GNU General Public License version 3.

Reporting a bug

If you found anything wrong, like a crash, missing or invalid spelling in documentation or examples, please report the issue.

  • Set the title of your issue

  • Explain exactly what to do to reproduce the issue and paste the output with error

  • Attach the failing notebook

  • Validate the issue and you’re done!


You can also write us an email: