About Us

ESCAPE is a free for non-commercial usage python package and framework for creating applications for simulating and fitting of X-ray and neutron scattering data.

ESCAPE is a closed-source project, led by scientists and professional software developers. We are responsible for developing and supporting ESCAPE.

Core developers:

  1. Denis Korolkov

    • After finishing his PhD in physics and postdoc contract in Jülich Centre for Neutron Science in Germany, he works in industry as a software developer of analytical software. His main interests are non-destructive testing methods and metrology. Denis lives in Germany.

  2. Stepan Rakhimov

    • By education Stepan is a PhD in theoretical physics with professional knowledge in software development and DevOps. Stepan lives in the Netherlands.


  • Yury Khaydukov

  • Miguel Castro-Collin

  • Oleg Khoruzhiy